How To Whittle A Canoe According To Mike Ranta

Some people like to make something that they can mould more heavily with their own hands. Are you interested in working with wood and even with some power tools but you’re not quite ready to take on building entire pieces of furniture? Then you’re the perfect person to start learning how to whittle. All you really need to whittle is a sharp edge; it doesn’t really matter what kind. However, we’re going to lay out the most popular options for whittling tools, so that you can make the best choice for your needs. Most people will already own at least one of these knives, so you don’t need to make any special purchase.

how to whittle

As long as you’re conscious of local environmental issues and regulations, whittling from sticks, branches and twigs often makes for the most fun whittling. You might find the perfect stick in your backyard or a twig to whittle around the campfire on your next hunting or camping trip. Just make sure you’re not disturbing the local ecosystem. This traditional choice is soft and widely available—perhaps even in your own backyard.

How To Keep Your Whittling Knife Sharp

It comes with a super comfortable handle, a well designed blade, and solid construction. If you are going to be working on medium to large whittling projects, this is the knife for you. These knives come with a nice and thin, high carbon steel blade that makes cutting through wood a breeze.

We’ll tell you about the tools you need, the basic techniques you can apply, and how to select the perfect piece of wood for your project. The pull stroke, or paring cut, is the same cutting technique you’d use on an apple. If you’ve ever noticed an old-timer whittling, they’re probably using this cut.

Best Wood For Whittling

If done correctly, a small wedge or pyramid shaped chunk of wood will pop right out. To make a gouge cut, place your knife tip on the flat side of your wood block and cut into it at a 45 degree angle down a line. You can make this line straight or curvy, it doesn’t matter. Then you cut from the other direction at the same angle and intersect your first cut, creating a v shaped trench. If you are cutting all the way through the wood, it is recommended to wear a thumb guard to help prevent any nicks and cuts from the knife. The stop cut is useful if you want to add a push cut in the middle of your wood carving but stop at a precise point.

how to whittle

Another ideal solution that may work is to use duct tape. Before you initiate the whittling session, simply wrap the knife-holding thumb with the duct tape. Keep in mind that whittling is supposed to be both meditative and relaxing. Every time you get in a hurry with the cuts, you will be increasing your chances of cutting yourself. Making every cut both slow and controlled is the key to staying safe. or specialty whittling knife should make whittling both relaxing and pleasurable.

On our camping trip this summer, we bought them a multi tool with a smaller knife. With this, they were able carve more successfully and new skills were learned. They learned how to fold it safely and we only had one small accident when my youngest closed it a little to close to her hand.

  • It is always better to know in advance where and what you want to carve before doing it.
  • With its thin pointed tip, you can even work on details of your work.
  • You might even paint it pretty colours and patterns of your choosing if you like, or make yours match the eagle theme you see here.
  • Then, carefully pull the knife blade towards you in a short and controlled stroke.

When you get in a hurry with your cuts, that’s when accidents happen.

This is an all-purpose kit that will allow you to perform chip carving as well as whittling. This 4 knives set includes a whittling knife, detail knife, a sweep gouge and a V-tool. The sweep gouge and V-tool knife allow you to dig deep into the wood and remove big chunks of material. They are also pointy-tipped so you can easily work in tight spots. The handles in all the knives are ergonomic and will limit hand fatigue when used for an extended period of time. Now that you have a sharp knife, all the tools, and protective gear you need, let’s start whittling!

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