The 3rd International Conference on knowledge, Engineering Science and Technology


Conference aims to bring together worldwide researchers and professionals, encourage intellectual development and providing opportunities for networking and collaboration. This association meets with its objectives through academic networking, meetings, conferences, workshops, projects, research publications, academic awards and scholarships. This conference strives to enrich from its diverse group of advisory members. Scholars, Researchers, Professionals are invited to freely join and become a part of a diverse academic community, working for benefit of academia and society through collaboration and vision.



Algorithms and Open Source Development

Application Software

Biometric Technologies

Computing Hardware

Database Technology and Design

Digital Forensics

e-Business, e-Government

e-Learning, Computers in Education

Embedded Systems & Ubiquitous Computing, RFIDs

Evolutionary Computation, Metaheuristic Optimization

Grid-, Distributed- and Parallel Computing, Cloud Computing

Human-Computer Interaction

Information & Knowledge Management, Big Data Computing

Information Security and Information Privacy

Information Theory, Foundations of Computer Science

Internet of Things and Sensor Networks

Mobile Computing & Telecommunication

Multimedia, Computer Graphics and Visualization

Natural Language Processing, Computational Linguistics

Networks, Internet

Search Engines and Data Mining

Social Networks and Social Aspects of Information Technology

Software Agents and Intelligent Agents in Artificial Intelligence

Software Engineering

Training in Computer Science


Additive Manufacturing, 3D-Printing

Automotive Engineering, Roads and Railways

Aviation & Spaceflight


Chemical Engineering

Civil Engineering and Construction

Electric Power Transmission, Power Grid, Smart Grid

Electrical Engineering

Electronic Engineering

Marine Engineering

Mechanical engineering

Metallurgy and Materials Science

Micro technology, Nanotechnology

Military engineering

Mining & Mineral Processing

Non-nuclear Energy Production

Nuclear Energy and Radwaste

Petro chemistry and Petrochemical Industry

Photonics, Optoelectronics and Display Devices

Plastic Processing, Composite Materials

Radiation Processing, Study of Radiation Effects

Robotics, Automation & Mechatronics

Training in Nuclear Technology



September 3-5, 2019


Indonesia, Bandung

Deadline for Abstract and full paper Submission

August 24, 2019

Registration Deadline

August 31, 2019


All accepted papers will publish in ESCI/Thomson Reuters/Scopus/Crossref Index Journal

Modeling, Measurement and Control B
P-ISSN: 1259-5969
Publisher: International Information and Engineering Technology Association
Scopus Journal link

Research Journal of Information Technology
P-ISSN: 1815-7432
E-ISSN: 2151-7959
Publisher: Academic Journals Inc
Scopus Journal link

E-ISSN: 2313-3724
P-ISSN: 2313-626X
ISI Journal Web of Science (ESCI) link

Special Issues in Journal of Informatics and Mathematical Sciences (JIMS)
P-ISSN: 0974-875X
E-ISSN: 0975-5748
ISI Journal Web of Science (ESCI) link

Communications in Mathematics and Applications (CMA)
ISSN: 0976-5905
ISI Journal Web of Science (ESCI) link

Science International Journal (SI)
ISSN: 1013-5316
ISI Journal Web of Science – link

Academic Journal of Cancer Research
Publisher: International Digital Organization for Scientific Information (IDOSI)
Scopus Journal link

Asian Journal of Information Technology
P-ISSN: 1682-3915
E-ISSN: 1993-5994
Publisher: Medwell Journals
Scopus Journal link

Global Veterinaria
P-ISSN: 1992-6197
E-ISSN: 1999-8163
Publisher: International Digital Organization for Scientific Information (IDOSI)
Scopus Journal link

International Conference on Communications and Information Technology – Proceedings
E-ISSN: 1792-4316
Publisher: World Scientific and Engineering Academy and Society
Scopus Journal link

International Journal of Botany
P-ISSN: 1811-9700
E-ISSN: 1811-9719
Publisher: ANSI Asian Network for Scientific Information
Scopus Journal link

Journal of Digital Information Management
P-ISSN: 0972-7272
Publisher: Digital Information Research Foundation
Scopus Journal link

The Publication Chair coordinates with the Technical Program Committee to finalize the conference proceedings and conference content for submission to Journals. They work closely to provide authors with instructions for paper submission. They adhere to the guidelines and instructions within the Letter of Acquisition.

Conferences can create the following publications:

Advance and final program
Proceedings for conference participant distribution at the conference
Digest of abstracts of presented paper
Multimedia files of selected talks
Conference content for publication in Journals



Details about Conference, upcoming dates, logistical information:

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